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Candice Morton

Pilates Instructor

Candice Morton - Pilates InstructorCandice trained as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. She started training in Pilates at 16 when she was studying at central school of ballet on a scholarship. She has over 10 years experience and has been teaching Pilates for 4years. Currently running her own classes, courses and workshops. She also works at leading health clubs, fitness centres and alongside physiotherapist in private practices in Bristol.

Candice has gained a Diploma in mat, fundamentals, improver and advanced Pilates. She has undergone intense training in Pilates Apparatus. Trained in classical and contemporary Pilates. Studied anatomy of the musculoskeletal and advanced physiology.

Her background as a dancer and knowledge through personal experience makes Candice an individual and exceptional teacher.

Her Pilates system allows exercises to be modified in difficulty from introductionary to advanced level. She works closely with her clients with a hands on approach, giving corrections and a better understanding of the importance of the Pilates principles. As the body conditions and her clients understanding progresses, intensity of exercises will be increased challenging her classes. She also uses the help equipment such as resistance bands, and soft balls to assist, increase and decrease the intensity of Pilates exercises

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