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What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage, involves the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is applicable not just to sports people, but to anybody wishing to guard against, or recover from a soft tissue injury.

Whether you are recovering from injury, a beginner, exercising for enjoyment or a professional athlete, Sports Massage can be of benefit to you by providing many physical, physiological and psychological benefits.

How often should you have a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage?

This really depends on how often and how much training you are currently doing. As a rule of thumb, the harder you are training, the more often you should have a sports massage! Some people feel that they benefit from a deep tissue massage on a weekly basis, where as others like to have a massage prior to an event, so that they feel ready to race, or even following an event to aid their recovery. We have patients that come for a massage every few weeks, as they feel it helps them to relax, and to relieve any tension from their muscles.

For maintenance work, we suggest that as you should try to have a sports massage every 4 – 8 weeks, but this obviously depends upon your budget! Your therapist be happy to work with you, to discuss your needs, and to recommend a plan for you.

Who can do Sports Massage?

There is no better place in Bristol for sports massage. All of our physiotherapists are very experienced, and at least an SMA level 4 Sports Massage Diploma equivalent.

How much does it cost?

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage sessions last 45 minutes , and cost £40.00


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